Friday, June 23, 2006


Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Antiques Roadshow

Canadians are the most inndundated by antiques roadshows than any other nation on earth.

1) first came the british edition, shown regularly on cbc newsworld and occasionally on CBC television in the past during moments of britanophilia (tonmnights lineup also includes an hour of coro st. and a "sometimes irreverent look at our royal family")

2)the PBS american edition flooded my early teenage years of american antenna television, vermont public TV and WCFE mountain lake 57 plattsburgh were staples. sundays, mondays anyday became roadshows. and all the good antiques were seen in the first season.

3)now we are treated to "canadian antiques roadshow". its the same show, but this week, we see old stuff from Winnepeg, proudly praised as the geographic centre of canada (sounds much better than "murder capital of canada").

ya basta!

time for new stuff roadshow...

today, we are in santa clara CA, and James T. has brought us his 52" Sharp flatscreen TV. marvellous.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Klimt Record

$US 135 million. a new record for a private painting sale.

a portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer (1907), beat Picasso's previous record.

Many advisors and journalists have pointed to fine art becoming a strong store of value in these days of low gold prices and unstable currency markets.

seems like a prettier bet than sinking it all into copper (Cu).

Monday, June 12, 2006

this came out of my brain last night

this represents a southern extension of

that's not a knife

this is a knife

my first ever made in portugal chef's knife.

then i got excellent french chocolate and mustard.

sausages and bread from central europe. Salaisons Slovenia, i am your slave, the hint of sauerkraut in the air, the fresh meats and flavour bursted veal sausages. not to mention polish chocolate.

and a strange new sensation on the main...mid 90s dance music pumping out atmospherically from lamposts, i could pick out a generic daft punk beat as well as those old faves, la bouche.

that's not a knife

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Coronation Street Moment

seen on the 80% off pile at indigo books downtown: coronation street treasures, some weird anthology to bad smelling chavs and ungramatical english folks on the industrial fringe of Manchester.

(courtesy wikipedia)

Imagine a chocolate carving of coro st. and you can only imagine a really fucked up theme park called Cadbury World in Bournville, near Birmingham (UK, evidemment).

if i could eat the set for real, CBC might play something more palatable at 7:30. Perhaps Eastenders, just for the pretty girls.


now i have resorted to singing the maiskyi chai song for entertainment. '

fortunately, my local indigo bookstore saved me, with "three sheets to the wind" by pete brown. about the meaning of beer...i am so happy i left the united states

a)because the travel writing is extremely limited

b)because most titles in that genre are published by british companies.
we are blessed in canada to have a complete selection of up to date british printings. In the travel-adventure section you will often see two editions of the same books (british and a newer US/canadian printing).

c)the police here are friendly, the ominous militaristic (dare i say fat) sherriff in the united sates really just scared me.

d)i can walk places, endless places. bicycling is another constant puruit. people in montreal are quite active, especially in relation to kentucky.

e)this place feels worldly, open and cosmopolitan. decadence and self indulgence, simply enjoying life, is a widespread mentality. people look good here, men and women.

f)i will always resent the american prohibition on drinking before age 21- quebec doesnt even have a legal drinking age technically,only a purchasing age.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Ukraine tea

Maiskyi Chai black tea: incredibly strong and powerful, just enough to get through long days in Dniepr Basin coal mine.

smells more like tetley or red rose (canadian brands) than other ceylon teas, that tend to have a fruitier and even floral component (including my usual pick alwazah tea). this is true builders tea, the kind sold in british tesco's for next to nothing.

for a selection of east european teas and other polish goodies (including Zywiec beer), depanneur du nouveau forum in montreal at the corner of fort and de maisonneuve.

hear the maiskyi chai jingle

Thursday, June 08, 2006


Props to the incredibly beautiful city of Vancouver.

the worlds finest city. the perfect balance of nature and civilization

a world of difference in two images

subtitle: "shocking? to homophomes"
this is a recent city sponsored campaign appearing in a few bus shelters as well as lamp posts downtown and in the plateau of montreal.

in canada today, 60% of homosexual people in quebec still feel that coming out at work would jeapordize their careers.


a store that combines the joy of high speed racing with high power sex-toys. androgenous equality

yes there is such a place

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


blue period gallery

treatise on fatty meats I

i love meat

veal: luscious tender, even a grain fed quebec cut is delicious (though it should be labelled "young cow". halal veal has a much more natural flavour, i advocate halal meat for all cooking, as it is sourced from local farmers more often, as well a higher standard of production.

lamb: i cannot decide if i like it better than veal, it is stunning and the backbone of indian and middle-eastern cuisines.
great at easter

pork: shimmering pink loins and chops, fine ground pork cooked into a homemade sausage. crispy delightfully pan seared crust, one of porks strongest points. bacon doubleplusgood, pork rinds: wish we could get them in canada (atkins friendly btw). pork in the united states (esp KY, NC, two pork producing regions) has a beeflike red hue, something which disturbs me and points to human interference, while pork in quebec is very pink, the way i always expect my suckling sow.

beef: alberta grade A rib steak says it all...look at the marbling.

surprise incense

cycle brand "surprise" agrabati (incense) smells awful

more like india, which is not a pleasant idea

should we pray that our surprise incense smells good?

Saturday, June 03, 2006

city-w=Westgate/Aurora district