Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Antiques Roadshow

Canadians are the most inndundated by antiques roadshows than any other nation on earth.

1) first came the british edition, shown regularly on cbc newsworld and occasionally on CBC television in the past during moments of britanophilia (tonmnights lineup also includes an hour of coro st. and a "sometimes irreverent look at our royal family")

2)the PBS american edition flooded my early teenage years of american antenna television, vermont public TV and WCFE mountain lake 57 plattsburgh were staples. sundays, mondays anyday became roadshows. and all the good antiques were seen in the first season.

3)now we are treated to "canadian antiques roadshow". its the same show, but this week, we see old stuff from Winnepeg, proudly praised as the geographic centre of canada (sounds much better than "murder capital of canada").

ya basta!

time for new stuff roadshow...

today, we are in santa clara CA, and James T. has brought us his 52" Sharp flatscreen TV. marvellous.


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