Friday, March 31, 2006

Constantly Striving for Higher Belgitude


dear american express,

how much is it for the katewinslet shown in your ad?


she does look mighty comfy; can't see how an american express card has anything to do with her life of reading spiral-bound texts barefoot.

all-dressed bagel

foodunit of the day: alldressed bagel (sesame, poppyseed and dried onion), very very delicious.

in new york they call it an everything bagel.
not quite everything though!

perfect with alwazah tea and a cocktail blend of Pampa Pineapple juice and Mazaa Mango.

umm fruit juice post cycling, cant get much better!

Thursday, March 30, 2006


familiprix, a quebec pharmacy chain has some of the funniest ads ive ever seen.

watch it here

thank you baron Haussmann

!En Color!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

now with trams

The Butteriest

cookie recipe time:

this will scare the american heart association members.

preheat your oven to 300F (followed by metric equivalent, but in canada we have american stoves)

1/2 cup of cold cultured butter (lactancia/parmalat my country prefered)
cut into 1/2 cup of flour with 1/4 cup of sugar

add a teaspoon of salt (iodized please, i dont want you to have a goiter)
and a half teaspoon of baking soda

make sure the butter is well incorporated, then add one egg yolk and blend in well. adjust the flour content so that the dough has a consistency of marzipan

if you dont know what marzipan feels like, buy a tube at Lotsa Pasta, its about 5 bucks. and squeeze it through your fingers till you know how it feels.

finally, take an eigth cup of butter, cubed finely, and knead it into the dough. this butter will remain chunky and cold.

form the dough into cookies. about 2 inches across.

saupoudrez de sucre.

and then bake (it took me roughly 30 minutes, the edges will be brown and teh inside should be dry before serving)

and you will have the crispest flakiest butter cookies ever. the exploding butter chunks create such fine crisp layers. halfway between a farfale and a baklava.

serve with my butterscotch caramel.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006



Monday, March 27, 2006

Peter Mansbrige

In his interview with a high ranking hamas official:

What do you want from Canada?
Canada is not an insignificant nation!


is our backwards national inferiority complex everywhere?

Do You Like The Fish

blasting the speakers

when you see a friend's souped up honda/VW/mitsubishi/Nissan cruising down the main drag downtown, or along a suburbaqn thoroughfare, what do you expect more than Some heavy bass techno or sean paul music.

my choice for this ancient male ritual is "Party out of Bounds" by the B52s, this came about after a consensus with my friend Jason (skunch at other contenders aqua-lollipop candyman. toto- africa. haddaway-what is love.

whats your suggestion?

Sunday, March 26, 2006

possibly the longest name for a chocolate bar ever

Cémoi Chocolattier

de chocolat au LAIT

Fin croquant de Nougat relevé d'une pointe de Gingembre et d'une Note de Citron


with fine milk choclate

crunching with nougat enhanced perfectly by ginger and a note of Lemon

this chocolate sounds amazing. i hope its good.

trip report:
12:35 pm
i just tasted it, its almost if you can imagine, a chocolate pizelle of such delicate proportions, its truly frightening. same enhanced sensory feeling as when tasting single malt scotch. incredible. this is more than chocolate.

this is only after one square.

imagine that you can't eat this quickly because the delight is paralyzing. such a rare and unique pleasure. wow, never before have i been so inspired by a chocolate (perhaps wawel milk, the first time. its so good)this chocolate truly would feed a poets spirit, awaken joy and pour laughter from the hearts. it is supremely satisfying. a complete form of chocolate

two squares

this chocolate deserves an epic poem, not such a tiny log, i love it. who doesn't enjoy a piece of chocolate.

Facing death in Sri Lanka and Thailand: Bollywood POV

In her latest column for the BBC News website, Bollywood star Preity Zinta describes escaping two brushes with death.

'It feels good to be alive'

They say there are some moments in our lives which change us forever. These moments change the way we think, behave and view life and death.

They have just come and gone for me. And I am lucky to have come out alive and able to tell my tale. They are far removed from the glitter and glamour of my film life.

The first incident happened on a balmy night in the Sri Lankan capital, Colombo, on 11 December.

We are five minutes away from closing a mega Bollywood song-and-dance revue at the local cricket stadium.

There are kinetic stars on the stage, with 10,000 happy people in the stands enjoying the carnival atmosphere.

Dancers disappear

Bollywood hero Shah Rukh Khan is doing his gig with dancers.

I am waiting in the left wing for my finale. The music is pulsing through the audience, and the pyrotechnics are lighting up the inky black night.

They say there are some moments in our lives which change us forever

Readers' views on this column

Suddenly I see a man in the front row flying to his left. Then I see Shah Rukh looking to his right and left. Then I see the dancers disappear.

What is happening?

I stepped on the stage and leaned over. I saw a pool of blood in the front rows. The security men grab us from behind and ask us to leave.

A bomb has exploded in the front rows - two people are dead, more than a dozen injured. The concert has come to a bloody end.

The next few minutes are surreal.

As I am coming down the backstage stairway, all hell is breaking lose.

I see a woman with her arm blown off, bleeding and screaming "Someone, help me please". I see panicky people running in from all sides, and in the middle of this confusion, someone gropes me.

I am running for my life now in my red sequined cat suit with a silver belt saying 'disco' and glitter on my face. I am running for the car which will take us straight to the airport, where the flight to Mumbai (Bombay) has been held up for us.

'Vulnerable and fragile'

I reach Mumbai late at night, rattled and numbed. I am thinking how even as I was creating showbiz fantasy for the thousands of fans, somebody blew up a bomb in the stands and brought us back to cruel real life.

I do not know who let off the bomb or why they did it. All I knew it just made me feel very vulnerable and fragile. From the airport, I drove to a friend's place - still with glitter on my face - and talked into the morning about what a close shave it had been.

I thought the performers were very lucky to have escaped unhurt that night.

The blast in December ripped through VIP seats

But within two weeks, my busy life kicked off again.

This was the second moment - and the setting is the pretty Thai resort of Phuket.

I arrive in Thailand's largest island nestling in the Indian Ocean on 25 December. I have planned it as a perfect Christmas break, and am determined to make the most of it.

I decide to give myself all the sleep and rest I need after a frenetic year of films, commercials and shows - I have travelled to 50 cities around the world in the past year on work.

So I rented a lovely villa on stilts on the Bang Thao beach.

'Loud banging'

It is an apt setting for a quiet holiday: a crescent shaped bay, white sand, casuarina trees and a lovely breeze blowing into the bay.

On Christmas evening, I meet some friends, have dinner. I return to my villa at two in the morning, switch off my hand-phone and crash out.

I remember hearing a din in my sleep sometime later. I toss and turn in my bed, covering my ears and cursing whoever was making all that noise outside.

Then suddenly, there is someone banging on the door. Loudly.

Preity - 'I contacted my hysterical mother and told her I was safe'

I open the door sleepily to see my friend panting outside. "There's been a tidal wave. We must run!", he shouts.

I pick up my handbag and run along with him. I step outside the villa and there's water all around.

What is happening?

I have slept through the tsunami that has killed nearly 6,000 people on Thailand's coast, mostly in Phuket.

I have slept as two killer waves forced the hotel to evacuate guests from the island.

On the road to my friend's place, I see the havoc wreaked by the killer waves.

Phuket resembles a war zone. The road is full of debris. There are bodies lying everywhere.

People in surgical masks are looking for bodies. At a flooded supermarket I search for some candles to light up my friend's home - the electricity has gone off.

After the devastation, it is a beautiful quiet full moon night in Phuket.

But it is the peace of the graveyard: all the parties are off, and the dead are being counted.

'Dreaded water'

I made contact with my hysterical mother and told her I was safe. I said that as soon as I get a seat on a flight, I will be back home.

I decided to stay on.

I ended up spending eight more days on the devastated island, and saw survivors picking up the pieces.

I saw rescue work picking up speed. I find a German kick boxer in the neighbourhood, and I begin taking lessons.

The beauty of the sea restored Preity's zest for life

Then I do the unthinkable - for me, at least.

I go out into the deep sea off the Thai coast and spend four nights in a yacht near Similan island close to Burma.

All my life I have dreaded water.

I almost drowned twice when I was younger. I tried to take swimming lessons, but I barely swim now.

The tsunami should have made me stay away from the water forever. But I have I decided to try and overcome this fear.

The voyage is a reaffirmation of life.

I dived into the ocean with my life vest and swam. The sea is calm and blue. I am humbler, smaller and feel as vulnerable after two near escapes from death.

It feels good to be alive.

To read Preity Zinta's future columns, bookmark

more maps


de Geograaf

Conceptual British Garden City

Waterfront City

nota bene

The creativity fairy tried to escape my mind last night, she crashed into the window and now ive got fairy-goo everywhere.


central market bangalore

lazy afternoon in madurai

the tea hills near Munnar, Kerala

Raleigh Durham Post from City Skip

mark alexander
M/20Instant MessageSend Message
Posted: Mar 12, 2006 9:30 AM

i have been to a very scary city in North Carolina. It's Raleigh you drive for miles along I-40, there is no realization that youre in a city. only massive congestion over 8 lanes. it is very difficult to drive even towards I-85, the web of roads is as confusing as london.the roads tend to be extremely narrow. new developments in RTP and Cary ahve shown extremely limited foresight. also, town centres are located 5-10 miles from the interstate along what i saw were generic and identical roadways. In terms of segregation, this city is one of the worst ive ever visited. wealthy areas, prosperous areas due to high tech and education have no communication or connection to urban slums i saw in Durham. ironically, public transit is free in chapel-hill, perhaps the wealthiest area i visited. why not over the incredible distances that people are willing to travel to procure goods or complete daily activities. everything involves a pretty long drive.I realize that this problem exists in nearly every american urban area.but is anyone afraid specifically of development in raleigh Durham. it scared me enough not to want to go anywhere further south in the country.
F/31NEW YORK,New YorkInstant MessageSend Message

Posted: Mar 13, 2006 9:18 AM

I've never been to Raleigh Durham, but I have heard about what you are describing. In the south (and in many areas of the west) most development occurred after World War II, after the car had become the dominant mode of transportation in the US. Ironically though, a lot of transit-centered/town center development prototypes have been pursued in these areas in more recent years (probably because the New Urbanism movement started in Florida and there is relatively cheap, available land in these areas, unlike the northeast).What do you mean by narrow roads? I would image that there would be a lot of suburban-style two-lane highways with a left turn lane in the middle. Although I have seen areas where developments went up along old farm roads that were never widened.
mark alexander
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Posted: Mar 13, 2006 10:02 AM

in cary, most thoroughfares are simply agricultural roads where older homes can still be seen with large clearing over the distance. the main access road from cary to the airport is 2 lanes, becoming 4 lanes near the interstate junction (congestion here is heavy when the interstate is jammed), people seem to wait in never ending traffic. the RTP development is most surprising, the only thoroughfare is a two lane agricultural road leading to I-40 with gradual improvements, especially near the campuses of major companies, you dont see building, only forest and signs indicating driveways. road development is occurring right now, the shoulder remains unpaved and rough. and there is no bicycle access.otherwise major roads are identical 4 lane divided and undivided roads leading through miles of forests withe the occasional service station or waffle house. highway junctions do not often have amenities liek macdonalds and other restaurants near the highway, it usually involves a few miles drive. why hasnt any planning really taken lewis mumford's the highways and the city into context?
F/31NEW YORK,New YorkInstant MessageSend Message

Posted: Mar 13, 2006 10:57 AM

I used to work as a planner in western New Jersey, where this kind of haphazard development has occurred. New Jersey is a home-rule state, meaning that land use is regulated on a local level, so as county planners all we could do is advise local officials on effective planning practices.As for the reason this kind of development occurs, in Jersey it’s very complex. First, it happens this way because it’s a simple way to develop land. You have a farm or meadow that a developer can go in and plop down some houses or some kind on non-residential use; they don’t have to worry about relating to the context beyond connecting to the closest road. And they don’t have to worry about the complexities of a mixed-use development (which, if you know what you’re doing, shouldn’t be that complex). Furthermore, this kind of development only requires simple land subdivision ordinances and a bare bones master plan to go with it – many rural municipalities don’t even have a full-time planner to attempt something more ambitious.Second, municipalities are hesitant to embark on more ambitious ordinances because of a fear of lawsuits by conventional, suburban-style developers who have an interest in maintaining the status quo.Third, property ownership rights drive the discussion on all levels. In order to create denser development in one area and preserve open space in another (i.e. create a town), you need to affect the land values of each area. The development potential (thus value) of the former area (the town) in most cases increases, while the development potential and value of the latter area (the open space) in most cases decreases. In New Jersey a new Transfer of Development Rights law was enacted to allow the development potential of one area be transferred to another, allowing land owners in both areas to be compensated equally (or as equally as possible). This requires a very long, expensive and often tedious planning process.Fourth, because of the top three issues, municipalities turn to environmentalism as a means to control development. They enact new ordinances that regulate the preservation of natural features (i.e. steep slopes, trees and woodlands, streams and rivers) to decrease the “impact” of development. In the end, this is a short-sighted, safe solution, since any kind of sprawling development affects a municipality’s infrastructure in the same way. On top of that, natural resource protection ordinances can be viewed as exclusive zoning, since they can increase the cost of development as well as the desirability of new development. In other words, these ordinances tend to produce luxury housing.Lastly, it is hard to get people to take the leap and change the way things are done. There are local officials who only know the status quo and want to stay in their comfort zone, as well as other community leaders, such as developers, realtors and bankers.They use the excuse of “this is the kind of development that people want because people are buying these properties” to justify keeping things as is. Views within the planning community have definitely changed, but it takes a lot to get bureaucracies to readjust themselves to a new paradigm.Damn.. guess this post got a little long..
mark alexander
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Posted: Mar 13, 2006 12:51 PM

the fact that raleigh durham is a series of seperate municipalities, with seperate plans, creates a serious consideration. with the development of the RTP, a subsiduary development occured in the city of cary, its development being to house affluent software staff. If planning regulations are difficult in existing municiplaities, maverick new areas suddenly race to the bottom, consistently lowering standards and giving developers an easy ride to build whatever houses the market will bear.the social consequences are great, simply put, every software campus requires a huge amouint of staff for maintenance, gardening of the immense grounds and cooking for example. these people continue to live in less accesible affordable areas, with zero effective transit to work. this class is kept down by the need to drive.also, its funny to note that the corporate buzzwords of tehse companies often include terms such as (working with our local and environmental partners-cisco systems), yet theyve delocalized themselves entirely from the neighbourhoods as well as creating their own microcosm of nature.


be like the vapour
swallow my eyes
I can't see when im spinning into embrace

The Death and Life of Great American Cities

superannuity! a big city is not a collection of smaller towns, but its own entire organism.

A book by Jane Jacobs, first published in 1961. whose ideas remain pertinent and critical of the entire society which has been created by the organization and planning of american cities. I will discuss only american cities which i have experienced.

"But look what we have built with the first several billions: Low-income projects that become worse center for delinquency, vandalism and general hopelessness than the slums they were supposed to replace. Middle-income housing projects which are truly marvels of dullness and regimentation [cf. agrestic], sealed against any buoyancy or vitality of city life. Luxury housing projects that mitigate their inanity, or try to, with a vapid vulgarity. Cultural centers that are unable to support a good bookstore. Civic centers avoided by everyone but bums [unfortunately too true of Louisville's library], who have fewer choices of loitering places than others [since when is loitering negative, streets should be condusive to hanging around]. Commercial centers that are lackluster imitations of standardized suburban chain store shopping [she said this in 1961, and they still put a panera bread and starbucks in every similar development]. Promenades that go nowhere and have no promenaders [the classic empty waterfront situation, sealed from downtown behind the expressway]. Expressways that eviscerate great cities. This is not the rebuilding of cities. this is the sacking of cities."

Friday, March 24, 2006


And I scream above the noise
On my soapbox in the sky
And nobody need listen
Need hear a cry
Chastise the heartless vagabond
Who dwells only to be heard
Whose space is a messy garage
Whose blog is a desk covered in endless projects
Cyber-lust, benchmark of toneless democracy

heard around montreal

today's woord is schmeeze

it means "to smoke"

this word originates in the west island of montreal, it seems to be morrocan-jewish.

example in context: "yo, bro, let's go schmeeze that half joint in your pocket."

Thursday, March 23, 2006


here are some pics of my appartment on durocher street in montreal

no comment

"If the fires of freedom and civil liberties burn low in other lands, they must be made brighter in our own. If in other lands the press and books and literature of all kinds are censored, we must redouble our efforts to keep them free."

FDR, 30 June, 1938.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


everybody listen to this music
bbq is one of the purest musicians out there.

it is excellent guitar rock

Monday, March 20, 2006



here's ringbo. aprehended trying to smuggle 1 kilogram of frites from my appartment

higher belgitude is no excuse.


these look much better in person, I will try to post better scans if i ever get a camera. Many of these works are inspired by the basic formulas used in the art of Mondrian and Van Doesburg, deconstructing the american city grid.

Chicago North Avenue

Washington Square Park is the Centre of the Universe

West London Theme

Bombay for Dummies


To the animated poet
Can I flutter?
Do we really ask ourselves
What reason haunts our rhyme
If i live in the same world as you
It's different every second
I flutter, flaunt, faze
The overfull universe
And the connections we make
Are all we have now
To be the sum of friends aligned
Cringe, antiexist in your interests
Spread yourself
And float thinly on the spaceship earth
the global village
The joy of stagnation
Which knows no ode
The silent songs of boredom go unenchanted
The monotony on the flipside
A cooling respite from the world
Fulfilling activities to stuff the quiet moments
neverending joy of connection
But only to forget just what it means to hold hands
and be together in your slice of the universe
We can hold it for a moment
then check anew how the world has shifted
All that remains is your eyes
And the empty new tomorrow
Endless communication
To say nothing
You are who you are, and your hand says all I need to know
We stare at ourselves continuously, as narcissus into the pond.
narcissus IS narcosis

jay-susssss two words, one lord

come clean markI havent much to say above the noiseas if myspace is beside a very very busy metro stationThe noise, the traffic, the flow. And we wont stop off for a moment longerThen to make endless hellosWe sit in a circle and consummate our society of the screenAs best we know itElectronic companionDesperation, longing: jealousy impure bred from your siteAnd I scream above the noiseOn my soapbox in the skyAnd nobody need listenNeed hear a cryChastise the heartless vagabondWho dwells only to be heardWhose space is a messy garageWhose blog is a desk covered in endless projectsMisrepresented Cyber-lust, benchmark of toneless democracyLET US RISE ABOVE THE NOISEKeep me at fingerslengthBursitis of the soulBlackberry brain

Pour la défense de la langue anglaise

alors, je vois comme il est ignorant de discuter (ou bien de disputer) les droits des anglophones de montreal en français, tandis que je parle l'anglais comme langue primaire. Mais il faut ainsi creer une presence adéquate francophone sur l'internet ainsi de communiquer avec tout mes concitoyens.

Je crois, en tant qu'être membre de l'unique minorité anglophone nord-américaine, que j'ai l'habileté de conduire ma vie entre deux monde, soit le francais (qui se divise encore entre les européens et les américains) ou l'anglais (comme Canadien, je me trouve grandememt influencé par la culture américaine, mais je possède quand même une grande affiliation avec la culture britannique). En sachant ses deux langues plutot également, j'habite dans 5 coins du monde simultanément. Dans une seule ville.
J'adore montréal et la culture globe dont elle accueille. Mais cette tolérance est la faute d'une grande division entre nos deux cultures dominantes, soit les evenements sont en anglais ou en francais, nos groupes ethniques ne se melent pas souvent, c'est difficile toujours de savoir si celui à qui on parle ou bien l';anglais ou le francais.
C;est difficile de s'adapter ici sans parler le francais a moins. C'est le plus important partie de notre patrimoine, on retrouve 5 fois plus de francophones dans la region de montreal que dans le pays entier des Etats-Unis. Ceci est a corriger, mais notre ville reste veritablement le deuxieme ville francophone du monde.

But english speakers all deserve teh right to be free and be served in their own language, one thing that gets on my nerves is the hidden racism which is state sanctioned practically, it is cool to disrespect an english speaker, even though the vast majority of montreal anglophones are now bilingual, and try to speak french as a matter of politeness. We still feel downtrodden and disrespected, especially outside of certain western neighbourhoods and downtown.

salut la visite
mark alexander sabourin


decadent warrior
Cringe actively
Resist in the truest sense
Divest you soul
And fill your blog
with encantations of self-doubt and repetitious foolishness

We have guns
To sling in all directions
We have the joy of all-concluding pleasure
The shadows can be avoided
The tears just streak
We monitor our words
We take ourselves to the forefront
Our image rebaptised,
Canonize our self forever the same

And appreciate the wisdom of otherwise passibly idiotic coffeeshop bhuddists

Draw on the craze to blow a moment more
Sudoku for the heart
We lay there in mystery
And vent the thoughts
That perhaps were best left alone
And start a war
With reckless vitality
Enigmatic, the idea of contained reality

And the noise poisons our soul. the routine
Another addiction

Moments frittered about
And growth of our space
Leads to personal implosion

quagmire of the bog blog

blog til you bleed
blog faster
blog more clever
make better use of blogtime

constantly blog
blog faster


a highly entertaining and inviting film
A promotional film about Belgium

leaving my space.

blah blah blah
blah blah

fuck bush
i like cappucinos
blah blah blah,
popular myspace people are technically alchoholics, it appears. people with megalomaniacal tendencies and incredibly large images/egos.
they also have cool names, and fan pics (i can make some for myself)
blah blah blah
"whiny lamentations, the breadcrumbs in any blogloaf"
blah blah
sympathy for me
blah blah
please to meet you
blah blah
I been thinking a lot to no end
blah blah blah
hawkish republicans with tourettes are funny

blah blah blah

lets get together and actually make things better, the whole activism thing is quite dead nowadays.
blah blah blah,, noise, plug for friends band, blah blah , link, cute pic
blah blah blah, rage, anger, desire, sadness, yummy sandwich.
and blah

the march to health

scene 1: labour camp in inner mongolia.
Stasi officer: Genosse Sabourin, you have been sent to the health camp, your march towards recovery and a strengthening of the people's will is great, eat the people's soup! sleep on the people's hard cot.
Me: Ayeeeeeee! im in china because i have a cold?
Stasi dude: you have been enlisted for this month in the march to health, once you are healthy, you march. you march for miles. East the people's soup. your illness is a symptom of dissent, rectify immediate.
Me: Why put a sick person somewhere so cold and desolate?
Stasi : because the people said so!
Stasi: your flummockery is disheartening. I shall engage the the peoples bamboozling deflummoxing device.
Me: i've had it up to this high with your excessive bamboozlement. I need to regain my strength and fight your ferocious flummocking.
scene 2: Alles klar, herr komissar?
Stasi scientist: we need your mucus to run our new mind control network, there is to be no more bamboozlement or otherwise contrary behaviour by subordinates.
Me: Scrunchled
scientist: Do not gest, man-pig, your illness is for the good of the people. and the people are good.
me: but you're not the people
scientist: Its our job to be a force for greater evil
me: may i lie back then on the people;s hard cot?
scientist: Im sorry, that would not be EVIL enough. You will be berated by the people's annoying soft lion.

me: whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?
scientist: e'llo e'llo. whats this. you are the leader of the mucus hoardes, required for the defense of our nation

me: j'abandonne
stasi: we are making a propaganda film mit du, will you please to sign our extra-trippy shenaningan-frei release form.


j'aurais accru
le sens réel
dans ma vie, inconnue
provoquant le délire
au lieu du désespoir
à la suite des explications
il n'y a rien,
personne pour nous souhaiter la paix

je suis amoureux de l'espoir

et l'humanité me recompense
avec cette déluge de noirceur
l'apathie vulgaire
nous nous connaisons depuis longtemps
ces soirs d'hiver

je t'embrasse, la réalité;
je t'oublie aussitôt.

nam alii oc, alii si, alii vero dicunt oil

some say yes, others yes, others also say yes
(hoc, si, oui)
i got that no feeling in my heart

pure not

not degrees

not points
two point not reasons to cry
for allegiance, for allegory, brutality
support for inverted intolerence

and all i have is not
whomever has that
shall never see what not
to know

You are such an individual, beautiful, congratulations

Second prize goes to conformity
for their song
for their brand
for their culture
for thier millitant defense
of Jessica Simpson
for the same coffee in the morning
for the same liberal
for the same upholder of morals
for tranquil complacence
for disorder, debaucherous
straight-edge group pub nights

for two eyes pointed
At one screen

body confidence cher fitness 1992

"I pony, you pony, we all love the pony!"

be like meeeee, cherrrr, be sexy, do the pony, i looooove the pony

am i belgian ?

are you sure you are not just belgian, pretending to be canadian cause that just makes you more interesting ;) and i caught you on your first lie, and immediatly you admit to your second ;) 17 years right !! just one more questions about that 15+4=17 ??

from A'bel


Renault Megane – Shake It
Complaint from: 139 viewers
In the context of its claimed comfortable driving position, an advertisement for Renault Megane showed various people wiggling their bottoms to music in which the words "shaking your ass" were continually repeated.
Viewers objected to the use of the word "ass" in combination with the bottoms shown, especially at times when large numbers of children were likely to see it. 11 reported that children - mainly in the two to six years age range – had copied either the language or the actions used.
The BACC approved the advertisement with an ex-kids restriction, meaning that it could not be shown around programmes made specifically for children but could be shown at other times of the day. It considered that "ass" would be regarded by viewers as relatively mild, American slang, and that the dancing shown in the advertising was humorous and energetic rather than sexual. It pointed out that "ass" had been approved in advertising before with an ex-kids restriction and that they were acting within their own accepted standards by applying this restriction here.The ITC would not normally regard the use of the word "ass" as problematic if kept away from children's programmes. In this instance, however, its continual repetition in the lyrics was combined with the appearance of the wiggling bottoms, which had sexual connotations for at least some viewers. In the ITC's view, it was therefore unsuitable at times when large numbers of children, including younger children, would be watching.


there's nothing you want to watch anymore. and thats your choice.

freedom to choose nothing.

how nitrospective of you

it's hipocrisy to decry hipocrisy
I'm... politically incorrect, morally absent, ethically a pariah, socially an animal, emotionally damaged, idealogically contemptuous, theologically damned, intellectually complicated
and still able to organize these ideas into a wee about me packet.
I know its challenging to some, but lifes easy when it goes in the box

and it's ironic to blow these thoughts on a blog. what else is there to say? another reference to summink somewhere tangential to existing.

Brinta elke daag

  • Brinta is een volkoren graanproduct gemaakt uit de volle tarwekorrel en bevat de belangrijkste voedingsstoffen zoals eiwitten, samengestelde koolhydraten, vitamines en mineralen. Zo vormt Brinta de basis voor gezonde voeding en levert energie voor een goede start van iedere dag.

  • Lunch

    Sausage sandwich
    I'm forever in your debt
    the teutonic base, the hints of paprika and garlic
    Make me oh so hungry
    Encased hungarian delight

    Oh a joy, uncontestable
    Paired with bread of portugal
    Smacking of butter and sesame
    Embellished upon a spread palette of
    Mustard of dijon most divine
    And immortal mayonnaise

    Now I've done hugarian deli meat proud.
    the pride it deserves.

    Hauptbrauhaus Bloggarten

    Wie geht's Volken auf den bloggarten?

    i like my blog, its a form of pride and joy. it is a garden. Somehow myspace is a neighbourhood a pretty british garden city (like hampstead or more like the society of Hyacinthe Bucket), and people just stand around outside your garden and commenting. you respond when they are being quite contrary.

    how british. sometimes you walk around to spot the local flora, get ideas for your own arrangements etc.

    i think that blog gardening should be more like beer gardening. Spending all your time on myspace; start drinking!!!

    or watch european families having a lunch they bought at the IGA in the breakfast room of the hotel on the corner.


    the classic diffusion of the left is seen through the emergent counterculture.

    let me quantify what is a cool place in urban factors: organic stores, vegetarian restaurants, yoga studios, independent cafes, live music venues. homosexuals.
    cool places: carrboro NC, Highlands of Louisville KY, Seattle,Vancouver, San Francisco, Austin, Plateau in montreal and many other places etc.

    that seems to simple, but its true. its where the liberal jobs. its the new upperclass, people dont aspire to the snotty hamptons as often as they aspire to a west village flat i feel.

    So coffee from a major multinational tastes better with a bit of beatnik bhuddism. its still coffee that you paid 5 times too much for. ye. you know it.
    worse yet two brands: odwalla (product of coca-cola) and kashi (kellogs) marketed mainly through yoga studios. dont worry the simpsons have already made fun of this so its fair to mock it. and yoga classes are way too expensive, is this a way to keep the proles out?


    Te souviens-tu bien du goût de l'amour?


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    the Cafe

    welcome to my existential belgian cafe