Saturday, July 29, 2006

Trail, British Columbia

wouldn't you rather live somewhere pretty out west.

the city where the worlds largest zinc company began, on the shores of the Columbia river.

yes that beautiful

a few kilometres from the goldrush, skiing and mountain bike trails of rossland.

a town of a few thousand with a distinct chinatown and little italy, fabulous ferraro foods.

and apparently, the number one sports town in BC.

a town of hillsides linked by staircase.

and an authentic japanese lantern

really great salmon fishing for the outdoorsman or lox enthusiast

an aquatic centre above reproach, giant waterslides, olympic size deep pool and nearly chlorine free!

perhaps instead. a day at the beach

very cute beavers for all who roam here!

old men playing bocce if you do not like beavers!

and you are always so close to rossland

Thursday, July 06, 2006

my life in four foods

summertime menu

1 glass rubicon 'alphonso' mango juice
1 croissant from boulangerie la petite danoise
1 spreading of strawberry preserve (either menz&gasser, hero or clic)
1 cup of cafe latino (demitasse)

fried merguez sausage (or salami)
pita or belgian bread
beer/coke/dr pepper
sauteed peppers and onions, crudites.

various veg curries (with lamb shoulder curry)
basmati rice
cucumber salad
wine or beer

late night decadence:
whole navel oranges (not too big)

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

As seen on SEXTV

SEXTV is one of my favourite canadian premium digital cable channels. no, it isn't porn, it's filled shows and documentaries about human sexuality.

the flagship show called "SEXTV the show" is quite fascinating, with quick peeks at various sexual communities and practices around the world.

Last night I caught a glimpse of what could possibly be the coolest thing in Chicago: The annual player's ball. A gathering for pimps and their ho's. it was a pretty good party, snoop-dogg was out in full regalia, ice-t also made an appearance, glasses of moet were consumed from bejewelled chalices.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

yay, clueless is on

or more appropriately "Les collegiennes de Beverly Hills"

somehow the magic is lost with a european french accent.

Common Canadian Energy Sin

The second fridge/freezer downstairs (aka the beer fridge)

thats fucking true, every person i know has this luxury. either a deep freeze or conventional, everybody needs a place to keep cold drinks and beer or frozen meat.

the one thing lacking entirely in the UK (especially central london) is adequate refrigeration and air conditioning. when you are in the Uk, remember to dig very far back into the fridge at the shop to get a cold dr. pepper or beer. the ones at the front are tepid.