Saturday, June 10, 2006


now i have resorted to singing the maiskyi chai song for entertainment. '

fortunately, my local indigo bookstore saved me, with "three sheets to the wind" by pete brown. about the meaning of beer...i am so happy i left the united states

a)because the travel writing is extremely limited

b)because most titles in that genre are published by british companies.
we are blessed in canada to have a complete selection of up to date british printings. In the travel-adventure section you will often see two editions of the same books (british and a newer US/canadian printing).

c)the police here are friendly, the ominous militaristic (dare i say fat) sherriff in the united sates really just scared me.

d)i can walk places, endless places. bicycling is another constant puruit. people in montreal are quite active, especially in relation to kentucky.

e)this place feels worldly, open and cosmopolitan. decadence and self indulgence, simply enjoying life, is a widespread mentality. people look good here, men and women.

f)i will always resent the american prohibition on drinking before age 21- quebec doesnt even have a legal drinking age technically,only a purchasing age.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i hate the u.s.
blah blah blah. you canadian pig

June 13, 2006 9:24 PM  

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