Tuesday, April 24, 2007


nearly half of a person is sitting here

in the infinite loop of doubt and buoyant dreams

the other bit

is currently indisposed, sinking hours into the pursuit of vagaries

and dreams of long rides on an antiquated TGV orient express from zagreb to milan.

so the other bit is kind of pointless

i hope you won't reckon with that assertion

perhaps you will find value in weirdness, appreciation for koalas the height of three apples

perhaps not?

if that does not bother you

please to read more

this blog is important for being good.

la course d'indianapolis

from englebert magazine no. 53-54, july august, 1924


race standings-indianapolis 500 mile race (car +average miles/hour)

winner: Joe Boyer-Duesenberg special-98.24

2nd:Earl Cooper- Studebaker special-97.99

3rd: Jimmy Murphy- Miller special-97.27

4th:Harry Hartz-Durant special-96.55

5th:Bennett Hill-Miller special-96.46

6th:Peter De Paolo- Duesenburg special-94.30

7th:Fred Comer-Durant special-93.42

8th:Ira Vail-Vail special-92.45

9th:Antoine Mourre-Mourre special-91.76

10th:Robert McDonogh-Miller special-90.51

ringbo and friends present a guide to italian groceries

i must say, ringbo's second favourite cuisine after belgian is italian. i present to you his favourite italian things:

delicious red peppers

rappini, a fine and bitter veg.

tender and sweet swiss chard

crisp and aromatic fennel

ferrarelle mineral water, a divine naturally carbonated spring water, perhaps second only to the exquisite acqua lete in its quality.

delicious and neutral lamb steaks for the grill

fine mozarella cheese

rich and exquisite fresh cotechino sausage, the finest.

Friday, August 25, 2006


i post a wager of 20 000 pounds sterling to the first person on myspace to go around the world in 80 days

collect a myspace friend from every single natiion on earth in that time, and i shall meet you with your prize at the reform club, pall mall.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

on Babel

عاشـــ ياسر القحطاني ـــــق says:
K-Mark. Attention K-Mark shoppers. says:
hello, do you speak english or french?
عاشـــ ياسر القحطاني ـــــق says:
ممكن طلب
عاشـــ ياسر القحطاني ـــــق says:
أنا ولد
عاشـــ ياسر القحطاني ـــــق says:
وإسمي مشاري
K-Mark. Attention K-Mark shoppers. says:
sorry, no arabic
عاشـــ ياسر القحطاني ـــــق says:
معليش انا كذبت
عاشـــ ياسر القحطاني ـــــق says:

and this demonstrates the limitation of left-right thought, arabic on msn messenger is displayed correctly, but html really screw it up.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Thursday, August 03, 2006

man, vancouver is so beautiful, and it never snows.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Trail, British Columbia

wouldn't you rather live somewhere pretty out west.

the city where the worlds largest zinc company began, on the shores of the Columbia river.

yes that beautiful

a few kilometres from the goldrush, skiing and mountain bike trails of rossland.

a town of a few thousand with a distinct chinatown and little italy, fabulous ferraro foods.

and apparently, the number one sports town in BC.

a town of hillsides linked by staircase.

and an authentic japanese lantern

really great salmon fishing for the outdoorsman or lox enthusiast

an aquatic centre above reproach, giant waterslides, olympic size deep pool and nearly chlorine free!

perhaps instead. a day at the beach

very cute beavers for all who roam here!

old men playing bocce if you do not like beavers!

and you are always so close to rossland

Thursday, July 06, 2006

my life in four foods

summertime menu

1 glass rubicon 'alphonso' mango juice
1 croissant from boulangerie la petite danoise
1 spreading of strawberry preserve (either menz&gasser, hero or clic)
1 cup of cafe latino (demitasse)

fried merguez sausage (or salami)
pita or belgian bread
beer/coke/dr pepper
sauteed peppers and onions, crudites.

various veg curries (with lamb shoulder curry)
basmati rice
cucumber salad
wine or beer

late night decadence:
whole navel oranges (not too big)